Well, folks, it's the end of the road for me. After struggling for the past decade looking for permanent work in my field and then spending the last year completely unemployed, I have accepted that I will never work in this country again and am calling it quits. I am now losing my home and most of my possessions have either been sold or thrown into the trash. What little that remained (including my ornament inventory) has been locked away into storage. Whether I'll have future use for them I cannot say.

I'm not certain where I'm going to end up or even whether I'll still be alive come September, but I plan to spend the next few months writing about my horrific experience as a member of the "unemployable" -- over 40, overqualified for minimum wage (I was even rejected by Target) but undesirable because no company wants to pay you "a salary commensurate with experience." Maybe some media outlet will pick it up so today's teenagers can learn from my story and not make the same mistakes I did (most importantly, don't become a graphic designer, and don't move to Boston).

I'd like to thank all my past customers for keeping me going this long.

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